Dissertation Is Terrifying and the Solution to It

You really need to be grateful if you are able to enter doctoral-level education. Not all people are as lucky as you are. Either you get a scholarship or you get such education level with your own money, it is still something you need to be grateful of. You know that it’s the highest level of education you can ever get. There’s nothing above it. And yes, whenever you have graduated from such education, with your doctoral degree, the chance for you to get such nice career is going to be wide open. We’re talking about great career here which can really give you both fortune and prestige at the same time. It is even possible that you don’t need to try to seek for some job but the job is looking for you with such degree.

It sounds so fantastic, right? That is why as mentioned before, you really need to be grateful and try to make sure that you can do your best so you can be graduated with nice result. However, graduation from doctoral degree doesn’t sound so easy. There will be so many hardships you will need to deal with. Let’s take a look at the type of assignments you will need to do. Of course, you can’t avoid doing such assignments because they are the parts to determine your grades later on. What makes it troublesome is the fact that the difficulties of the assignments are different from the lower education level like when you were still in your post-graduate level to get your master degree or even when you were still taking your bachelor education level. The hardship can be so troublesome. Why is it like that? The assignments you need to do are going to demand you to be more critical. You cannot expect

How to Have Nice Resume, Secret Finally Revealed

You must realize that the chance for you to be employed or not actually starts with your resume. We all know that resume is a kind of representation for yourself. It is used by the employer to see what kind of person you are including your background especially related to the background of your education and also your possible past job. The employer can also learn even further about who you are and where you live and then try to match your condition with the requirements. You can see now the resume is so important for you. That is why you really need to make sure that your resume can be so fabulous.

Try to impress the employer with your resume and you will find that it’s should be a lot much easier for you to get the job. However, this is actually how the problem starts happening. Not all of you basically know what great resume looks like. There are even some people who think that great resume needs to capture the attention. Therefore, they end up making such colorful resume. Is it wrong? To be honest, it’s a good idea. Remember that you want to make impression to the employer right? However, you should be careful. You need to make it certain the colors are not too much. You’re writing a resume instead of making some drawing. It will only make your resume look silly and you may seem not that serious with the vacancy if the resume is made in too many colors and rather complex design. You need to make it attractive, indeed, it is true but make sure it’s also comfortable to read. What’s even more important is the contents of the resume. They need to be as brief as possible but the way the information

Student Employment Success Is Just As Important As Financial Aid

Seniors participate in graduation for the Mastery Charter School Lenfest Campus in Philadelphia on the campus of Temple University, June 20, 2014.

Seniors participate in graduation for the Mastery Charter School Lenfest Campus in Philadelphia on the campus of Temple University

Is it better for students to receive 20, 40 or 60 thousand dollars in Financial Aid in the form of Student Loans or obtain the information, training and guidance that greatly increases their chances of landing A Job that pays 40, 50 or 60 thousand dollars a year?

Of course it would be great if a college would do both.

However, there are comparisons that can tell us where your college stands on this issue.

Where does your college put its money and its personnel?

Total Financial Aid Dollars (Dept. Budget, Scholarships & Student Loans)

vs. Total Career Services Dollars (Dept. Budget)

Number of People who work in the Financial Aid Dept.

vs. Number who work in the Career Services Dept.

Number of Students who Receive Financial assistance from the Financial Aid Dept.

vs. Number who receive Job Search Preparation assistance from Career Services

This raises many other questions:

1. When a student receives financial aid in the form of Student Loans, but is not prepared to conduct an effective Job Search Campaign and therefore does not receive a job offer that pays enough to live on their own and pay back their loans, is that student successful?

2. Would students be better off receiving $40,000 in Student Loans (Financial Aid) or $40,000 in Job Search Preparation assistance?

3. When allowed to pick only one, how many students would prefer to receive Financial Aid in the form of Student Loans and how many would prefer to Land a Good Job

7 Steps to Surviving College

There is a big difference from high school and college. In high school, teachers help guide you, assignments are fairly easy, and you have time to partake in many clubs or sports. In college, you are completely on your own and you control if you will fail or succeed. Professors give you the necessary information needed, but it is up to you to successfully guide yourself through the classes. Assignments are harder and take more time; and because you schedule is filled with projects, exams, class assignments and presentations, there is not much free time left for clubs and organizations. Because of this dramatic change from high school to college, students are not prepared. This means they can get behind easily and potentially fail within their first year. But from my experience, students should obey the following 7 steps to successfully survive college without going crazy or potentially fail.

1.) Get Organized. From tests, assignments, projects, club meetings and study groups, you will have a full schedule while in college. It is very easy to fall behind if you do not stay organized and stay on top of your schedule. Dedicate a calendar specifically to school duties and due dates so you know exactly what is coming up.

2.) Create Study Groups for Each Class. There is no better way to be prepared for tests or quizzes than a study group. You can learn new study techniques from other students in your group or finally make connections from the book to your mind. Try to meet with your study group 2 times before each test and dedicate 2 hours of studying to each meeting.

3.) Join Clubs/Organizations. There are multiple benefits to joining a club or organization on your university’s campus. Some advantages include: making new friends, growing your resume, meeting potential

Keeping the Teacher Education Programme “Fit for Purpose”

There are some very interesting things that are done to ensure that the structure, nature and quality of teacher education programmes remain ‘fit for purpose’. What are some of these?

Firstly, via programme review, subject review, self-evaluation and students’ evaluation those leading teacher education programmes ensure the continued systematic analysis of data pertaining to their programmes. They use this data to plan and take actions to improve the students’ experience, monitor the impact of actions taken to improve the students’ experience and to identify areas for improvement in the delivery of programmes. This is important because it helps to enable schools, collaborative partners and the university to be responsive to the needs of the students, employers and programmes.

For the person responsible this may involve: a personal engagement in the data collection process by setting dates and times for the collection and analysis of data and the writing and submission of reports. Via email or face-to-face meetings, issuing timely reminder to key personnel of dates and times for submitting data and facilitating and/or coordinating data analysis meetings. The person may also be responsible for constructing the final report and implementing actions based on findings and recommendations.

Secondly, the leadership of such programmes ensures the continued contribution of schools and collaborative partners to the process of shaping and improving the provision so as to maintain high quality school-based training that closely matches the local needs, and those of employers. This is important because it allows schools and collaborative partners to become fully involved in the programme thus aid in making the provision responsive to the needs of the students and employers.

For the person responsible this may involve: visiting schools and collaborative partners to keep abreast of changes occurring in these institutions; facilitating and/or coordinating joint schools and collaborative partnership meetings; ensuring that appropriate

Directing Research and Scholarship in an Educational Institution

The role of research and scholarship (however defined) in an educational institution is to: enable knowledge growth; aid in achieving institutional goals and improve practice. (Tushman & O’Reilly 2007, Anthony & Austin 2008, Ignate, 2008, Prichard 2000, Paul and Rubin 1984)

Given these facts, one task of the person or team responsible for directing research and scholarship is to enable, improve, change, predict and facilitate improved students’ learning. The team or person must enable knowledge growth among faculty and achievement of the institution’s present and future goals; suggest changes to the nature, role, teaching mode and main goals of the institution and predict trends and changes in students’ needs and preferences and the need for ‘new’ courses of study.

The other task of the person or team responsible for directing research and scholarship is to construct a vision for developing these areas in the institution. The vision should have inward and outward perspectives.

Inwardly, this should involve developing and facilitating professional development activities which enable and encourage the ‘scholarship of teaching’. Strategies to encourage this should include: awards/incentives for outstanding teaching based on researching/studying ones’ teaching and developing policy and criteria for this recognition scheme; developing and facilitating in-house training in the scholarship of teaching and organizing special lecture to discuss the idea of the scholarship of teaching.

The inward perspective of the vision should also include developing or facilitating engagement in research and publications. This should involve: building time in teaching schedule for engagement in research; providing funding for attendance and participation in local and overseas conferences and developing policy to regulate attendance and participation; awards/incentives for outstanding research and scholarship attainment; internal forums aimed at showcasing research and presenting research ideas for discussion. Internal review of publications that are to be submit to journals or conferences should be encouraged and where

Our Imagination

Someone once remarked that it is our own imagination which is within all of us complements the merry-go-round of life. Much can be said about imagination for without those childhood day dreams that all children have the many marvels of the ages wouldn’t have been made. All through-out history mankind has been inventing devises that have continually made improvements in man’s existence. Then again there is the dark side of humanity where inventions have only produced agonizing horrific atrocities. But, it is the good side of our imagination that is the one prime contributor that induces man’s ability to reach for the stars. And, yet today the technological marvels that are now available have also been a contributing factor in retarding childhood imagination and may well be attributed to more evil intentions of those willful perpetrators of calamity.

Too many times an obsession with devises such as those video games that have become so ever popular now have replaced one’s own initiative to visualize improbable situations where they are the central characters. Many baby boomers can remember the times of our childhood where play time consisted of acting out our fantasies where we visualized that we could do extraordinary things or invent wondrous devises that would save the world. Even in daydreams when in moments of solitude many a time our imagination carried us away to exotic places or inclined us to do feats of wonder. Many can recall someone saying close your eyes and just imagine once upon a time. That catch phrase took us on that magical ride of our imagination.

Even as we get older daydreams and our imagination doesn’t stop. Many a time we often conjure up an idea or invention that originated in thought through our imagination. When we look back in history at some of

Do We Live In A Far Smarter Universe?

There is a constant debate over whether or not aliens exist. The common argument against their being a higher intelligence is why have they not contacted us? After all, if they are so smart than I’m sure they can figure out a way to reach Earth, right? Well I leave you with this to think about.

When Christopher Columbus came to the new world, he was not interested in the ant pile he might have stepped over when he first arrived. He was interested in intelligent life, such as the Native Americans, something equal to him. They were his most fascinating discovery, everything else was irrelevant. So what if there is a much more intelligent civilization out there but they are only communicating with other intelligent life forms? They walk past us every day uncaring for our inferior civilization, and we don’t even realize it.

It is like if humans were building a 100-story skyscraper, and sitting right next door was an ant pile. The ants have no clue that something far smarter than it are building something far more impressive than anything they can comprehend. They just aren’t up to that level of intelligence.

Then you say, “Well we haven’t heard any signals from space, wouldn’t we have picked up some sort of communication between them?” That is kind of like if you walked into an office building with a walkie-talkie. You would turn on the walkie-talkie, check every channel, hear nothing, and assume no one is there. Of course you wouldn’t pick up a signal, that’s because everyone is using more advanced technology like cell phones and email. It’s the same thing with a more advanced civilization. They could have some form of communication far more advanced than we are capable of picking up a signal.

Maybe there are aliens whizzing

Time The Fourth Dimension

The science of Time! Long before H.G. Wells penned “The Time Machine” man has always been intrigued by it’s concept. From DiVinci, Nostradamus, to Newton, to Einstein all have implied that the existence of a fourth dimension does exist. In many ways Wells in much of his narratives of his novels actually have come into existence. Like Jules Verne, science fiction of the 1800’s has become today’s reality.

It wasn’t until Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that mankind really put into motion how time equates to a fourth dimension. Mankind has always been aware of 3 dimensions. When we move forward or backward; that is one dimension. When we move side to side; that is another dimension. When we move up or down; that is the third dimension. The fourth dimension of time indicates all are moving forward at a constant rate. Even though man has not been able to successfully move in a reversal or at an accelerated rate of forward momentum of time, at least not yet, none the less we are moving in time as a fourth dimension. We all age.That is forward traveling in time.

To fully understand how time equates to the fourth dimension, we have to grasp the concept of Relativity in it’s relationship to time. Einstein observed that the passage of time (which we all presume to be at a constant rate) is actually the speed of light. This theory shows that the speed at which time happens is mutable. Time, space and motion all fall into the fourth dimension in which they all act on each other. In other words, if we were to circle the earth and return to our original starting point our watch would be slightly behind. If we traveled into space at the a very high acceleration we would

Why Is The Present Education System Flawed?

Let me start this article by saying some good things about the present education system. It can produce doctors who possess the best knowledge about diseases and their treatment; it can produce scientists who possess the expertise to build the most powerful computers in the universe; it can produce bureaucrats who best know the nuances of administration and it can produce politicians who best understand the problems of the people. It would seem we are getting the best we can ask for and so what really is the problem with the present education system?

What seem to be on the surface the right things about our education system, carry hidden perilous consequences in the long run. Now if you consider that the same education system produces doctors who can’t empathize with the sufferings of the patients, produces scientists who think humans are no different from robots, produces bureaucrats who adeptly circumvent rules and regulations to favor their political bosses and produces politicians who have no qualms in influencing the minds of the people for their own interests, you may get an idea of what really is wrong. The problem I think is, we give more importance to honing our analytical skills and not bother about laying the foundation for wisdom.

Education is best imparted by creating a holistic effect on a person. That is when I think it is most effective and useful. At present it is far from achieving that goal and the myopia that afflicts our education system is actually producing counterproductive and contradictory effects. The people who pass out of such a system are poorly equipped to deal with real problems and produce solutions that are detrimental and shallow in nature. In my view the system is best replaced with something revolutionary so that it heralds a new